Here are some common questions about WoodBows
Why do I have to choose WoodBows?

We have 98.9% client retention rate which speaks for our quality. Also, we have been Ranked #1 for the best virtual Assistants company on Clutch.co and chosen by TimeDoctor as the best VA services. We stand behind our work and quality.

What do you mean by dedicated virtual assistant?
Once you sign up for our plans, we will assign you a dedicated assistant. You can assign tasks directly to your virtual assistant like you do to your in-house employee. You can phone/video call/chat with your dedicated virtual assistant anytime during 9AM – 6PM your time zone.

We hire only the top 1% of the applications we receive, which means, your virtual assistant will be able to learn your business and help you the best.

How soon can you start the work?
Your dedicated virtual assistant will contact you and start the work within one business day from the time you signed up.
Can I cancel anytime? Is there any contract?

There is absolutely no contract. We don’t lock you in. You can cancel anytime. Just email us at support@woodbows.com. It’s that simple.

I just signed up. What's next?
Based on the requirements you entered, we will select the best suitable virtual assistant for you. Please give us one business day. Once you are assigned a dedicated virtual assistant, we will email you. Your dedicated virtual assistant will start the work within one business day from the time you signed up.
Do you have a set up fee?
No, we don’t have any set up fees or whatsoever.
Can I change my virtual assistant?

Absolutely. Just email us at support@woodbows.com, we will pair you with a better fit.

Will I get a dedicated assistant?
Of course. You will get a college educated dedicated virtual assistant. Your dedicated virtual assistant will be available Monday-Friday between 8 AM – 6 PM in your time zone. You can phone/video call/chat with your virtual assistant anytime during the business hours.
Will my virtual assistant have US accent?
Yes, our US based virtual assistants are native English speakers, price from $24.99/hr. Our Philippines/India based virtual assistants will have an excellent English fluency, price from $8.99/hour.
What if I need more hours?
You can always purchase more hours at any point of time. Just inform your VA about it. We will take care of the rest.
Virtual Assistant
Where will my virtual assistants be located?
Your dedicated virtual assistants will be located in the USA, Philippines or India depending upon your preference. Either way, they will be working in your preferred time zone
Will my virtual assistant be working on the weekend or national holiday?
Absolutley. We will be happy to help you when you have a tight project deadline or anything similar to it. Since our normal working days are Monday through Friday, please just inform your VA if you want them to work on the weekend.
How many years of experience will my VA have?
All our college educated virtual assistants have been helping entrepreneurs, business owners, real estate agents and executives for at least 10 years.
Can I track the hours my virtual assistant spend?
We have an excellent time tracking software, you can monitor even a minute your dedicated virtual assistant spend. Also, you will be provided an account manager who will also monitor and update the status for you.
Will my VA attend business/personal phone calls on my behalf?
Yes, your VA will attend phone calls on your behalf.
Can I do a weekly meeting with my VA?
Yes, you can do a weekly or even daily video meeting with your VA like you do with your in-house employee.
Can my VA make outbound phone/sales calls for me?
Absolutely. All our VAs are trained and experienced sales people too. They have been helping our clients making outbound phone/sales calls for a decade. They are very good at closing deals too.
Can my dedicated virtual assistant handle scheduling?
Of course. Your dedicated virtual assistant will schedule appointments, coordinate meetings, and manage your Google Calendar or other calaendar applications for you. You just have to grant access to your VA. They will do the rest for you.
Will my VA do sales/marketing for me?
Absolutley. All our VAs have more than 10 years of experience in sales and marketing. They are familiar with almost all the sales and marketing tools and CRMs.
Can my VA design a website/web app/mobile app for me?
Sure thing. We have a whole set of VAs who are experts at web design, web app and mobile app development. Your dedicated VA can absolutely help you out on these.
Can I upgrade or downgrade my plan anytime?
Yes, you can upgrade or downgrade your plans anytime. Just email us at support@woodbows.com, as simple as that.
Do you have any other hidden charges?
We don’t have any other hidden charges in any of our plans. You will pay only what you see on our website.
Is my payment secured? What payment gateway do you use?
We use PayPal payment gateway for receiving the payments. PayPal is a reputed company, so your payment information is 100% secured. PayPal doesn’t share your credit card information with anyone including us.
What is your refund policy?

We allocate resources for the set hours. It works the same as in-house employees. Whether you give him work or not, he will still get paid until you let him go because he allocates time for you. The system will refund the remaining weeks’ money from the time you informed us to cancel your subscriptions automatically in 4-5 business days. 

Still need help? Send us a note!
For any other questions, please Request a Free Consultation or write us at support@woodbows.com