12 Simple tips to choose the right Virtual Assistant Company

Written By Michael

On March 24, 2020

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Every business has its need for employees or a virtual assistant who can work for them and help them attain their goals. We don’t hire an virtual employee for anything else but to help us get the work done. But some of us struggle to find the right one. Every Business needs its employees who can walk in alignment with the vision of the company.

That is where the Virtual Assistant Company makes a great help. You may have a big vision but unless you learn the Art of Delegation you will not be able to attain the result to its fullest. I appreciate your decision to go for a Virtual Assistant Company.

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But you still got to choose the right company. Not all companies are the best ones. Believe me, even I had a bad experience with a Virtual Assistant company at the beginning of my journey. So, with my experience, I am here to guide you with the guidelines. I learned it hard way but I would like to spare you from those hard knocks.

But before that, as you already know Virtual Assistant Company who are in the industry to help you get your job done by saving your time, money, energy and resources. Let me also brief you through the advantages of Virtual Assistant Company.

Advantages of Virtual Assistant Companies

You need not pay 30 days’ salary of your employee but only pay them based on the project or the number of hours they work for you. You also need not worry about the additional benefits of the employee like medical claim, etc.

You will only be paying him for your work and nothing else. It is said that a Virtual Assistant can save you more than 50% of your expenses. They save your time and energy and help you grow your business.

Today I am here to write about some simple tips to choose the right virtual assistant company.

How to find a Virtual Assistant Company?

You need not search your directory or newspaper or even call any helping service as we did in the last century. As we all know we can just search them on the web, google will help you find the right one. You can easily find hundreds of companies out there who are eagerly waiting to assist you.

But before that, I would kindly request you to read the article and find some simple tips to choose the right Virtual Assistant Company.

1. Have Clear Expectations

Before approaching any company have a clear expectation of what you need. You need someone to do your job, but what is that job all about? You may not have knowledge about how to do it, but you may be knowing what to do? If you need someone to take care of your accounting then be clear what you expect from them.

Let them know what you exactly need from them. For instance, whatever the work may be about write down your expectation however big or complicated it may look, once you are clear about this. Everything else will be a cakewalk to you.

There may be some cases where you may not be able to figure out your needs exactly, in such case you need not worry. Simply approach the company and tell what is there in your mind, the best company will show you what can be done and once they figure out your needs and convince you. Let that be your expectation.

2. Quality supersedes Quantity

Quality matters in any job, right? We don’t want a half-baked chicken for our meal. So, we need the best Virtual Assistant who can work for us and satisfy us with good results. So, basically, your Virtual Assistant Company will have its employees who will be working for your project.

Therefore, you got to interview the person who will be working for you. His qualifications don’t matter if he really doesn’t know how to work.

So, asking him some questions regarding your project helps you in the first hand to know whether you can trust him. If you are not satisfied, be frank with the company, they will arrange another who can handle the job for you.

But, this is possible based on the size of the project. I don’t think this can be applied if your project worth is less than $50. But anyhow you can go for reviews and ask for the better version.


3. Have Good Communication

“Good Communication” is essential for any business success. Yes, let this also be part of your agreement. First establish your convenient communication platform whatever it may be like, Phone call, Skype, Webex, Emails, Whatsapp, etc. anything that is possible for both of you.

Because basically a Virtual Assistant will be working for you from somewhere whom you may not get to monitor time to time physically. So, it is wise to have a clear communication medium with the Virtual employee or at least the Virtual Assistant Company.

Though they can work for you there may be cases where the Virtual Assistant might need your input and even you may need to tell them some new additions. So, in such a case, you need an easy way to get connected to them.


4. Industry Experience

Virtual Assistant Company should have been for at least 5 years into this service. Whatever business you are into we can’t afford to delegate it to a novice. So, see if your Virtual Assistant Company has good experience in this business.

An experienced person can handle challenges and lessen your burden. Or else you will need to handle it for him, I don’t think that was the reason for going to a Virtual Assistant. Isn’t it? So, experience always has an extra benefit. Choose such a company.


5. Testimonials

One of the best ways to find the right Virtual Assistant Company. You can simply browse the company website to know their testimonial by which you get to know them better. But, anyhow they only have their hall of fame there, no one displays the negative comments there.

Anyhow you can ask for the testimonials of the Virtual Assistant who will be working for you. It may give you a rough sketch of what he or she can accomplish for you. Testimonial always helps you find the better one.


6. Technology Skills & Consultation

Technology updates day by day. So, your virtual assistant should be well versed in modern technology. He/she should have good exposure to management tools by which they can get done your work easily. Yes, now we are in the advanced technology era if your virtual assistant is not used to it.

You can be guaranteed that your project will have outdated results. Whatever we do today technology seems to be the backbone of it. So, it is good that you ask your virtual assistant regarding their technology skills and even their social media knowledge.

Ask for consultation before you go ahead for business and shall I tell you good news some of the Virtual Assistant Companies offer a free consultation where they take time to understand your business and provide you the right solution for your needs.

This is where you can get to know them and understand the company better. This is the time where you have to let them know about your needs and can expect a solution for it.


7. Process & Plans

The processing of the project is another factor that needs to be simple. You can make a simple test out of it like you can check the potential of the company by their processing. Any good company will make processing as simple as possible.

It should take you very little time for processing, anyone who takes more than a day is really not an expert and is trying to figure out the way to get the job done.

Virtual Assistant Companies have different plans based on the service that they provide. Generally, they charge per hour. But it is also dependent on the project. If it is Accounting, Voice Service then the plans change they may charge you per employee or based on the size of the project. So, you can get to know about that in your consultation call.


8. Versatile & Data Security

Your Virtual Assistant Company should be versatile in their service. This is something that has a lot of benefits to it. Yes! A company who serve different business have wide experience and they can also help you with different services that you may need in the future.

For a say today if your company needs Voice Service, as the company grows you may need graphic designing. So, the same company which has walked with your wavelength can provide a virtual assistant for it. You need not waste your time to search for another company and find the one who can understand your company. Above all, you can also avail of discounts on this.

Data Security seems to be an important check-in in this modern era business. Even WhatsApp has encryption technology. Your business is of more worth than it. There are many tools and software to protect your data. All you need is to just ensure which kind of data security is being used by your Virtual Assistant Company. You can check with their encryption tool and firewall to ensure your data protection.


9. Client Service & Communication Skills

Client service is what completes the service. After trusting the virtual assistant with your business all you would expect from them is good service. How would you like if I tell you that there are some Virtual Assistant Companies who can offer you 24/7 support?

Yes, there are such companies that assure you to offer 24/7 client support. So, you can approach them in the time of need. These companies basically can offer this kind of service due to their office being set up in other countries like India and the Philippines.

You cannot afford to lose this thing because in case of emergency this is the only thing which can help you out. Telling this let me also tell you that there are some USA based Virtual Assistant Companies who can offer you services only during office hours. So, if your job may need support at odd times you will have to go for Virtual Assistant Companies that can offer you 24/7 service.

The ability to communicate will be important if your business needs a voice process in such cases you can have this pointer to check out their language skills. Usually, some companies hire their Virtual Assistant from India or the Philippines in such cases you will have to check their language skills.


10. Payment Process, Final Output & Deliverable

Once you are done with the consultation and satisfied with it. You will be given a rough estimation of your project. Where you are expected to pay the initial payment. The split-up of payment is based both on the nature of the job and the working hours. But, never pay the full payment before you get the final output.

You can make your payment either through the card, Paypal and other services that are mutually convenient to you and the company.

Generally, you will have to ask for regular updates on your work. In this way, you can have an eye on the track of your project and can do the necessary improvements. Ask for the submission date and the grace period. So, you can be assured of the deliverable.



Virtual Assistant Company will be your friend to lessen your burden and help you concentrate on the core arena of your business. As you have a check on these above-mentioned guidelines you can have a smooth drive in your business. I hope the article would be of good help to you.

I would like to learn from you if you have any other guidelines other than these. Kindly write them down in the comment section below. So, that we can add them here and together we can help others find out the best Virtual Assistant Company.

Stop doing all by yourself. Save time and money by hiring our 10+ years experienced virtual professionals!