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In all the plans, you will also have a back-up assistant and a dedicated account manager who will manage your virtual professional for you. All your work will be checked by our quality assurance team for an extra layer of the accuracy of work. Our dedicated virtual professionals will be working from our well-supervised offices in the Philippines and India. All our computers have end-to-end encryption security. 

Require little or no management from your side: Having 10+ years of experience in the field, our virtual professionals will most likely be familiar with your work and the tools you use. In unlikely cases, if they need a little training, we will do the heavy lifting of training them and get them up to speed.

In other words, usually, our clients just offload their work to their virtual professionals via email, chat, or phone call. They will take care of the rest. Your dedicated account manager will monitor the quality of your assistant’s work and trains them as needed. Our aim is to save you as much time as possible.

For high-end jobs like video editing, app development, or software development, the charges will be $14.99/hr.

Did you know the median salary for a full-time assistant employee in the US is $58789/year?

What time will my virtual assistant be available?

It’s like having an in-house employee, he will be available during 8-5 in your time zone. you can assign him/her a task anytime you want.

Can my virtual professional do purchases for us?

Again it is like having an in-house employee. If you are comfortable giving your in-house employee credit cards or other sensitive details, you can do the same. We will be happy to do purchases for you. Our virtual professionals’ computers are fully secured and end to end encrypted which means no one can copy any content from their computers. They can’t even take a screenshot of them. However, we recommend using a website like lastpass.com to store credentials and share so we both will have peace of mind.

How about the unused hours?

Please check the above table for the unused hours roll over for each plan. We strongly encourage you to save your precious time by assigning tasks to your VA as much as possible.

What if I have multiple tasks which require multiple skills?

Having worked for 10+ years with entrepreneurs and business owners around the world, our virtual professionals will most likely be familiar with the type of tasks you need help with. However, if the task is way too specialized like web design or graphics design using illustrator, he will get it done for you using our in-house graphics design experts. We would like to give you a single point of contact. So, you don’t have to get in touch with multiple people. As you know, managing multiple people means multiple headaches 🙂 In other words, you can just assign all the tasks to your virtual professional, it would be her/his responsibity to get it done for you.

Can I track the hours my virtual assistant spend?
We have an excellent time tracking software, you can monitor even a minute your dedicated virtual assistant spend. Also, you will be provided an account manager who will also monitor and update the status for you.
How can I assign tasks?

Your dedicated virtual professional will have a phone number, you can text/call him, video chat or you can use slack or however you prefer. Some of our clients prefer to use a tool called Clickup, they will just go in there and enter the tasks list for the day, and they can track the progress in real-time. They usually check it at the night and assign new tasks there. Again, however you would assign tasks to your in-house employee, you can use the same method.

No worries, you can change or cancel your virtual employees plans anytime. You will have a dedicated team of experts working for you in all our plans.

Our Guarantee

We will be available during your business hours and return your call within 15 minutes if we miss your call. We will save at least 70% of your time and improve your profit. Your dedicated team will be available on the phone and working from our well-equipped and supervised office. Also, our QA team will monitor your prospects satisfaction rate 24/7 and strive to improve it continually.

If we fail to deliver any of these promises, please let us know, we will work double the time you paid for.

A Simple 4-Step Process

The whole process takes less than an hour

Step 1

Sign up for a plan by requesting a free consultation


Step 2

Your dedicated VA will contact you to understand the job description

Step 3

Share your to-do list with your VA

Step 4

We will do your to-do list while you enjoy a coffee 🙂

Don't Believe us? See for yourself..

Victor from WoodBows, my new Virtual Assistant is amazing!! I can tell he actually cares about the job, wants to learn, pays close attention to detail, and even catches me on my mistakes and will ask me before proceeding to any task if the information is correct if he sees it may be out of the ordinary. I've been so thoroughly impressed that I have asked to place him on as part time, and hopefully have him full time very soon. Overall, I would say that Woodbows is the way to go when wanting to be linked up with a qualified virtual assistant. They have over and above exceeded my expectations. Thank you Woodbows, for creating a great solution for small businesses like mine!!

Pamela Macias

Realtor & UDA, SanDiegoEviction.com, San Diego, USA.

I recommend Kirby (WoodBows) for this Hard work and speed of getting projects completed. Here at NAD+ Treatment Center we are grateful for his services and like his positive attitude, speed of work and that we can put him in many tasks and he knows how to accomplish them.

Francisco Calderon

Consultant, Calderon Digital Marketing, Tijuana Area, Mexico.

I have enjoyed my WoodBows experience. From the very first interaction that I had with my account manager. It became clear to me that woodbows has a large staff of professionals that can handle every need that a small business has. The next day I was assigned a VA with strong English skills. We took a very brief phone conference where I listened intently for his strength of the language, it was very strong. He started right away building out plans and even bringing brilliant ideas to the table. I am sure now that a VA, specifically a VA from WoodBows is essential for every small business.

Cameron Campbell

Social Entrepreneur, Coach Cam, Houston, USA.

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