How Did I Save 50% Of My Time While Improving My Revenue By 200%?

- Mary Webb

If you have all or one of these problems, this solution is for you:

1. Don’t have enough time?

2. Constantly solving staff problems. Don’t have the efficient staffs?

3. Wanting to have a much better online presence, so you can acquire more patients.

When I first started as a physician, I had all the above three situations. I didn’t have enough time to spend with my family and friends. I was constantly nagged by the staff issues. I was struggling to get new patients as I didn’t have any online presence.

Tactic 1: How did I go from 2 inquiries per day to 100 inquiries per day?

Here is the hard truth, traditional digital marketing tactics don’t work for physicians. It took me about 6 months and over 100 experiments to find the right digital marketing recipe which would actually work in the medical field. Now I am getting almost 100 new patient inquiries per day to my office.

First things first, I wanted to tap into the new patients’ pool who are searching for doctors online. Being a physician, I very well know, we need a unique marketing strategy than other businesses. I followed educate-your-prospects-with-contents strategy. I put together experts in the marketing field.

1. They changed my website to look professional and set up an easy-to-use modern online appointment booking form so my patients can schedule an appointment with me on my website. They are also maintaining our website on a regular basis.

2. They wrote and have been writing educational articles on the procedures I do on my website bi-weekly.

3. They reduced our patients’ no-shows and cancellations by setting up text and email alerts for appointment reminders.

3. They put together all the reviews of me in various medical websites and posted it on my website. This tremendously helped me to build trust with my patients.

4. They also recorded several educational videos of me explaining various procedures I do in my clinic. And they put it on my website which helped me to build authority in my field.

5. They uploaded those videos on YouTube. This brought me around 1000 views and around 20 inquiries per day thanks to those videos.

6. I gave them the keywords related to my field. They did both SEO and Local SEO for the keywords. My clinic website started ranking on Google for Family Practice in LA in just 3 months.

7. I asked them to run Google ads too.

As I mentioned above, we started seeing about 10X the national average of new patients per month thanks to our efforts.

Tactic 2: How did I retain the new patients and solved staff problems?

Now that I am getting around 100 new patients’ inquiries per day,  a big relief 🙂 However, I still had a couple of situations to deal with. Our problem was our staffs can’t produce and they were kicking existing patients out the door. When I dig deeper into it I found that they were kept distracted by the phone calls they receive. So, I hired a virtual receptionist.

24 7 call center services

All our phone calls would be routed to our virtual receptionists and they only reroute urgent calls to us.

– They set appointments and remind our patients about the appointment

– They follow up with our patients about the payment

– They take a message and send it to my email for me to review.

– They are 24/7 so I don’t miss even a single inquiry.

– They also took care of my clinic social media pages.

It took me about 2 months to put together the perfect virtual receptionist team for doctors.

Tactic 3: How did I save 50% of the time?

call center outsourcing services

Being a physician, you would know, we all want to pay any $$ to get 48 hours a day. Here is the good news, yes, you can buy more time. I noted I was spending around 40% of my time on checking my personal emails, travel booking, reserving for a family dinner, scheduling meetings and managing my calendars. She even helped me find an ideal house for me to buy.

The solution is simple, I hired a reliable virtual assistant to do all the above. This saved me enormous stress and about 40% of the time.

After all these, my spouse noticed a big change in me (in a positive way ????). I told my spouse all the above three tactics I followed.

My spouse told me, several doctors are facing the same set of problems, why don’t you help them too? And I made a tie-up with WoodBows that provided those services for me. We are now helping 1000+ doctors in USA, Canada, and UK to achieve their goals.

Please click here to Start a 7-Day FREE Trial with us. You can customize your requirements any way you want. We will be happy to help you out. Look forward to talking to you.

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CTO, Zermons Ltd, UK

WoodBows improved our sales by 200% ($200000 new sales)


Operations Manager, LukTel Inc, USA

Our Guarantee

We will bring results with respect to bringing more prospects, improving your patients’ satisfaction rate and save you at least 40% of your time. Your dedicated team will be available 24/7 on the phone and working from our well-equipped and supervised office. Also, our QA team will monitor your prospects satisfaction rate 24/7 and strive to improve it continually.

If we fail to deliver any of these promises, please let us know, we will credit double the billable money to your account.

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