Top 5 Virtual Assistant Companies in US [2020 – Updated]

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On March 1, 2020

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Top 5 Virtual Assistant Companies

I think you’re tired of finding the best Virtual Assistant Company. I did a detailed research for you and found the best of virtual assistant companies in the United States. Here I have ranked them based on their quality and service.

Virtual Assistant Companies are the boon of the Business Service Industry. They have reduced the burden of Entrepreneurs, Businesses and other virtual based services.

Virtual Assistant Companies in US

Virtual asssitant companies

Actually, who are these Virtual Assistant Companies? They are an agency that can work all your Virtual i.e. computer-based needs for you right from the place they are and that too at a very moderate price. By approaching them you save your time, money and above all your energy.

They have changed the DNA structure of the traditional model of Business Services. Virtual Assistant Companies have created a revolution in the industry where there are multiple benefits for the organization that approaches them.

How do they benefit you? Yes, hiring a virtual employee save you a full-time employee’s salary; you don’t pay them for weekends. You pay them either for a project or per hour. Previously these services were done for large scale businesses where they outsource the work to other agencies.

But, today, there are Virtual Assistant Companies who started working for New Startups, Small scale industry even for your kiosk they have solutions.

Aren’t they boon of the industry? I don’t know about you but as for me I would approach them and delegate my works and have a happy time with my family and friends. A Successful Entrepreneur says it this way,

“When you attempt to live normal lifestyle, do it yourself. If you choose to live super lifestyle and transform the world, then practice to delegate”

Yes, surely, if you want great things and make a big impact, you got to delegate things. A King doesn’t take care of everything but only sits on the throne and commands his attendants. They provide solutions for many services such as

  • SEO Services
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Data entry/Spreadsheets
  • IT Services
  • Graphic Designing
  • Website Designing/Management
  • App Development
  • Blogging
  • Accounting/Payroll
  • Transcription/Translations
  • Appointment Booking
  • Secretarial works
  • eCommerce
  • Health Care Management
  • Video Editing and much more.

They have transformed the Business Service industry by their stepping into the industry. This has led to a big leap in the Industry. Their presence has brought a big change and revolutionized the old traditional model of business. Thanks to Virtual Assistant Companies they have made our life easy.

We have curated Top 5 Virtual Companies for you and ranked them according to their service

1. WoodBows – The best among the virtual assistant companies in US

Virtual Assistant companies

WoodBows is one of the topmost companies in the Industry and the best in the USA. Be it small scale Business or large scale business, be it experts in the industry or new startups. They have 10+ years of experience in the Virtual Assistant Service.

They have 1000+ clients and they offer 24/7 client support. Already has ranked them #1 of all Virtual Assistant Niche among the 300 companies. WoodBows saves 70% of your time.

What makes them unique among the Virtual Assistant Companies? It is their Highest Client Retention rate in the virtual assistant industry which is 98.4% which means their clients stay with them for their future projects. This assures us of the dedicated service of WoodBows.

WoodBows offer various services like Real Estate Virtual Assistant, Graphic Designing & Web Designing, Data entry, Content writing, Digital Marketing, Customer Support, Software Development, App Development.

They are also one of the cheapest Virtual Assistant Company to offer service at $8.99/hour for the Philippines based Virtual Assistants and $25 for the USA based Virtual Assistants. They have native or fluent English speaking employees.

They have high ethical values and believe that a good relationship with the customer is the only key to understand the need and do the appropriate task. They have advanced security for all your data which is their high priority. They have a strict filter process before they select their employee and then empower their employee with the latest technologies of the industry.

This is the very few of the USA based Virtual Assistant Companies which offers 24/7 Client support who are employed in their well-structured working space. These are the qualities that made WoodBows outstanding and ranked them #1 by our team.

2. Canada Direct 

This is the outbound marketing solutions with Virtual Assistant Service delivers a high-quality solution. They have 28 years of experience in this Industry. They have made a paradigm shift in the Voice service industry. They have 500+ trained professionals who are equipped to convert the contact into the client. Their representatives passionately work to give their best output to the clients. Their representatives follow CRTC and TCPA rules and regulations PCI Compliant – Level.

virtual assistant companies in usa

They deliver all kinds of outbound call solutions at an affordable cost. They offer Contact Service Solution, Voice Assistant Solutions and Technology & Security solutions. Be it Business to Business or Business to Consumer they have good potential and experience to turn them as clients. They offer Customer Acquisition, Customer Retention, Welcome Calling and Call Backs, Soft collections, Fundraising and Surveys, Account management call types, etc.

They have a very good customer approach where they tend to first understand your requirement and then work to fulfill your expectations. They believe their potential to turn contacts into sales by irrespective of the service. They have successful experience with various organizations in Canada and the USA. They offer solutions for English, French, and Spanish. They have their centers at various places like the Philippines, Cebu, Barrie, and Montreal.

Some of their clients are RBC Royal bank, Bell, Microsoft, 3M, etc.

3. Baltic Assist 

The Baltic assist was established in 2015. This is one of the top-notch in accounting service which assures of saving you a lot of money and give you the freedom to do more business. They offer back end assistance and virtual accounting to both small size and big size organization irrespective of the field they work in. They have creative business solutions to revolutionize your business by reducing the price of accounting service.

virtual assistant company

The offered solutions are Accounting and Bookkeeping, Preparation of Financial Statements, Payroll Services, Payment Processing Services, and Management Reports. They have helped their clients grow their businesses in Sweden, Denmark, Norway, and other European countries.

Baltic hire their staffs after major process whereby they choose the best candidate with a high level of dedication. They have simple steps before they start taking care of your business where they first give you a free consultation where they understand the need of your business next they Agree on the Process of deliverables, process descriptions, deadlines, etc.

Thirdly, they Grant Access to their accounting team and finally, they Go Live where all you need to give them is the documentation for the execution. They also offer different alternatives where you can Hire Own Accountant or Baltic Assist Accounting Services or Hiring Local Company. They have a unique feature where you can schedule a free consultation. The company is trusted by Fitness World, Inter Sport, Mammoet, Bookboon, Coinify, etc.

4. Boss Health Care

virtual assistant companies usa

Boss Health Care is the health-based Virtual Assistant Company. Does the Health Industry in need Virtual Assistant? Yes! They are in dire need of Virtual Assistants. A recent survey has reported that the growth of Virtual Assistance is projected to hit $2,927.15 Million.

Boss Health Care passionately believes the well-being of their consumers. They can reduce your financial expenditure by up to 60%. They have individual efficient price saving plans to hospitals, doctors and 3rd party medical billing companies. They offer services for Virtual Assistant, Medical Transcription, Medical Coding, Medical Billing, Denial Management, Revenue Cycle Management, and other services.

Boss have a wide range of services in various interests where they can outsource for your services like Insurance eligibility verification, Denial Management, Medical Coding, Medical Billing, EDI Rejection, Payment Posting, Tele Radiology, Patent Scheduling, Self-pay follow-up. They operate with a unique method of first studying your need and analyze it further to fix the exact requirement. They have a dedicated transition. They tend to study your business and analyze it to derive an exact solution that meets your requirements.

They give you comforting outsourcing experience with control over the entire process. They handle the task by giving secure data transfer between the websites and send the daily update and notification regarding the patient’s medical and billing report. They have dedicated themselves to handle the patient’s inquiry in a courteous manner. They complete a quality check of 98.3% to match the industry standards.

Above all, they delete all the client’s data from their server for every quarter of the year with prior approval from the client. Usually, the Insurance Company rejects the bills due to administrative errors. Boss Health Care understands that perspective and ensures the diligent study of the medical reports before sending them to claims.

5. Get Friday

hire a virtual personal assistant

Get Friday is a new Virtual Assistant Service where they can take care of your personal tasks like booking flights, preparing travel, Itineraries, Calendar Management, and Online Research. They also take care of your Family & Personal tasks such as looking for the Best schools For Children, Arranging for Plumbers/Electricians, Bookings Cars/Hotels, Dinner reservations, Event Planning, Set Up Dry Cleaning Service, Ordering Home Appliances, Dietary Research, Making household payments, Reservation for Birthday parties, Creating eCards for friends and relatives, etc.

Concerning the Travel Management they take care of Flight Research, Flight Booking, Itinerary Preparation, Booking Cars, Hotel Reservation, Travel accessories Research, Trip-Planning, Travel Update, etc. They also help in Online research such as legal research, Product Research, Service Provider Research, Online Research on any topic, etc. They have employed their representatives who can be your personal assistants to take care of all your personal tasks with 24×7 services.

GetFriday carry out your entire task based on e-mail, telephone, fax, and the Internet. They have a dedicated team to take which has a lead and who will attend you in case of any escalation. They also have a quality department that will assure the quality according to the company matrix.

You have the benefit of the full-time employee with the pay of virtual assistant. You can stay in personal touch with your Virtual PA. The Team will be working for your project at the pay of a single employee where you can access their skills individually.

As a team works for you, you can always be in rest if one of them falls ill because the other one will continue to work for you. Their website uses SSL Protocol for every transaction you make. Their database doesn’t store passwords anywhere in the server. They have an office setup that is protected by access card which tracks every individual entry and exit. Their servers are protected with restricted access except for the few delegated staff. With their safe access system, they can access your credit card information and purchase for you without any disturbance to you. They have four different subscription plans based on the four different region zones, which range from $65 to $1120.


The overall winner is WoodBows thanks to their high client retention rate and service quality.

Virtual Assistant Companies are a great solution for this Industrial life that we are living in. They give us a lot of benefits like cutting down labor costs. You pay them for the time, not for their sick leave or any leave. They give you Greater Productivity where there will be a dedicated team to monitor and test the output. Super Flexibility, where they don’t leave the office at sharp 5 but they work for you round the clock and most of them give 24/7 client service. They also give Higher Efficiency, Good Quality, with no stress to you.

You just pay them for hours or project and you are all ready to take your rest. Virtual Assistant Company is the next generation of Business Services. They take all your burden and give you ease where you need not think about your works but enjoy your time with your passion, family and all that you love. You will find more time to think about new ideas and implement them. They will take care of everything after that. I hope you find this article helpful.


































Stop doing all by yourself. Save time and money by hiring our 10+ years experienced virtual professionals!