Top 30 Virtual Assistant Companies in 2020

Written By Michael

On February 21, 2020

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Top 30 Virtual Assistant Companies

I understand how important is to choose the right employees when it comes to business success. With 100s of virtual assistant companies out there, you might be confused which virtual assistant company to choose for your business needs. No worries. We did a detailed study on all the virtual assistant companies and summarize the best ones here.

After reading this article, you will be able to choose the best virtual assisant company for your business.

Before jumping on, we will clear what is a virtual assistant company. A Virtual assistant company is an outsourcing service done by an organization. To say in simple words they are time-saving experts. They save time and money. They are the new experts in the industry who can help us to get our work done remotely. As per the current scenario, Virtual Assistant Companies will have a boom in the industry. They have changed the trend of business with good efficiency and cost-effectiveness. 

Virtual asssitant companies

Here are 30 Virtual Assistant Companies who are making a wave in this service

1. WoodBows – One of the best Virtual Assistant Companies 

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WoodBows is one of the best Virtual Assistant Companies in the USA. They are experts in the industry with 10+ years of experienced virtual professionals having served 1000+ clients. They offer 24/7 client support. They save 75% of your time. They have the highest clients’ retention rate in the virtual assistant industry which is 98.4% where their clients stay with WoodBows for their Business services. They also have a 99.7% client repetition rate which is humongous in the Virtual Assistant Companies. WoodBows has been selected as best of all Virtual Assistant Niche by which gave them first rank among the 300.

WoodBows serve

Above all, they have a transparent pricing system where they rate $8.99/hour for the Philippines based Virtual Assistants and $25/hour for US-based Virtual Assistants. They have English-speaking Virtual Assistants who are native or fluent English speakers. They have experienced talent Hub which has 10+ experience. You have hassle-free management where your virtual employee will be working from our well-supervised office who can support you 24/7. You can be worry-free concerning the data Security as they used advanced Data encryption technology. You have a 100% money-back guarantee.

2. Belay

This is another US-based Virtual Assistant Company that provides real solutions virtually. They have 800+ clients. They offer help with Content writing and web maintenance. They offer good service to their clients.

3. Prialto

Is the US-based Virtual Assistant company that manages administrative support in a variety of roles and industries. Their Virtual assistant services are managed from Portland Oregon. They amplify productivity by process-driven virtual assistant service.

4. Boldly

Boldly formerly known as Worldwide101 one of the top virtual assistant companies. They are providing service for 8 years now. They provide skilled, reliable and high quality. Their services are scalable. The pricing plans are hassle-free. You will have your dedicated account manager with you all the way. They give personalized service. They laud at the efficiency of their staff who are passionate to move your business forward.


This Virtual Assistant Company is basically for Busy professionals who could not manage their time. They provide a bilingual English/Spanish service. They offer assistant services for administrative and clerical work for different industries. They also help with Web Design and Social Media. They give tailored solutions rightly for the need of the clients. Their pricing plans differ from $299 to $1840.

6. Premier Veba

VA companies

This is a US-based Virtual assistant service. They give support for executive, creative and technical services such as Administration, finances, and Office helps. They support media services such as Video, Graphics, Audio service and much more.

7. TimeEtc

They fit more into your day with a dedicated virtual assistant. It’s a US-based company and is available worldwide. They will take care of your work for a fraction of the pay of your employee. They have been serving entrepreneurs for 10+ years. Their pricing differs from $250 to $1260.

8. Virtual employee

They are another expert in the industry where they ease your burden of seeking a qualified worker. They assure you to increase your revenue, balance your workload and grow your business. They take care of your work from scratch where you need not worry about every detail. Their services are Engineering & architecture, sales, mobile app development, multimedia animation, etc.

9. MyTasker

Is another option among virtual assistant companies where they have like-minded professionals working round the clock to meet your need. They have worked for different countries helping grow business. They offer services for classified postings, telemarketing, web research, and transcription, etc. They have various prices ranging from $140 to $1200.

10. Arup Virtual Assistant

They have dealt with complex technical service and have helped startups and entrepreneurs reach their goals. They offer services for eCommerce support, Marketing support, Admin tasks, etc. They have 32+ clients, 5 team members, 10 years of industry experience in this service.

11. Surplus Hands

They provide various services such as Multimedia assistant, SEO, SQL Marketing support, Website development. They are in the industry since 2015. They have different teams within the agency to match your needs and provide you better solutions. You have control over the process of the works done where they have an Escrow system for transactions.

12. Get Friday

It is a personal virtual assistant that helps you remove your burden of time-consuming tasks. They offer Business Support Services where you can delegate your business tasks such as Customer support, Accounting, Travel management, Marketing, etc. Their pricing plans are from $65 to $1120 per month.

13. 24/7 Virtual Assistant

This is one of the Virtual Assistant Companies that offer help for online shopping and other personal tasks which don’t fit in your busy schedule. They give efficient service for your business which cannot afford high pay employees. They provide solutions for Website development and Website research. They provide personal assistant for the need of your company. They have the necessary tools to manage your business. They have different pricing like $299 for an Entrepreneur to $999 for VIP.

14. Virtual Assistant USA

This is one of the Virtual Assistant Companies where they handle your projects with their team. Their team has native English speakers and makes the client service easy and affordable in terms of customer service. You get expert workers to work for your company without employee benefits. You have a facility to buy the package of hours which you can use at your freedom which has no expiry. You are not bound by any contract. They assure security and quality.

15. Virtual Assistant Talent

In your busy schedule, they can aid you with their Virtual Assistant for Investors, Business owners with efficiency. This Virtual assistant company can provide you solutions for your customized need. This helps you to save your time with the benefit of expert service. They provide services for LinkedIn Marketing, Insurance agents, Telemarketing, Lead generation, Bookkeeping, etc. They majorly provide service to the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. Other than this they also have a client in the other parts of the world.

16. Magic


This Virtual Assistant Company is unique in offering Text-Based Services where their skilled assistants take care of your work and lighten your burden. They work for individuals and teams. They provide you various services such as Travel arrangements, Food ordering/delivery, Proofreading, Transcription, Translation, Data Tagging /annotating and Event planning. They have a dedicated account manager, Priority service and custom billing option.

17. 20four7VA

They offer Virtual staffing solutions for administrative and eCommerce. They help take care of routine tasks and other strategies aligned with the growth of your business. They are a full-service firm with in-house Human resources, IT Support, and Accounting.

18. AVirtual

They are UK based Virtual Assistant Company where they have offered services for companies like Savills, Goldman Sachs, and the Berkley group. They have 100 Virtual assistants from which you can choose your Virtual assistant according to your specification and job type. They work from 8 am to 5 pm. Their pricing ranges from $150 to $1750.

19. Outsource workers

This is Australian based company which offers services for Real estate agents and agencies. Their other services also include Spreadsheet creation and management, Mail out & SMS campaigns, tracking stocks, Maintenance, Vendor Reports, Bond Top-up Information, CMA reports, etc.

20. Hello Rache

This is one of the Virtual Assistant Company which helps in the areas of Inbox Management and Collaboration, Complex Calendar Management and Scheduling. They have 1:1 Executive Assistant.

21. Elite Virtual Assistants 


They help you get your work done with ease where they offer services for Virtual Assistant like consulting services, legal assistant, etc. They provide high-quality solutions for corporations and law practices. You can track the progress of your work and activity from your client dashboard. Their animation pricing ranges from $399 to $599. 

22. Duext

They have hand-picked experts tailored for your needs. They take care of your work needs. They have in-house full-time employees who take care of all your works. They specialize in eCommerce Services, Office + Admin support, etc. They are in the industry since 2012 where they have helped over 126 businesses grow faster and more affordable. 

23. Ossisto

This is a Virtual Assistant company that offers service for Bookkeeping, Business Support, Business Consulting, etc. They have flexible pricing plans. You can manage your daily business process with their tech-savvy admin assistants. They offer flexibility in plan change. They assure us to provide specialist teams with an innovative team. The client is not bound by any contract policy and still given the best industry pricing.

24. VirTalent

This is a UK-based Virtual Assistant company with experience of 6 years in the industry. They have good exposure in the United Kingdom. They primarily work for small business owners and entrepreneurs. They provide solutions for Marketing, General VA work, Project management, etc. They take care of anything virtually. They provide you all your account information such as timesheets and invoices. Their pricing plans vary from $338 to $1780.

 25. RemSource


This is an all-day solution for your part-time need. They can support your administrative tasks at regular 9-5 office hours. They deliver services such as Administrative, Bookkeeping, Consulting, Projects, etc. You can increase your revenue and at the same time balance your workload for they will grow your business. 

 26. Task Bullet

This is a virtual service company that uses a bucket system. They are one of the Virtual Assistant Company which provides an efficient streamlined process. You can delegate your tasks to them and stay connected with the works that are done. They provide solutions for Live Agent, Sales assistant, Internet Research, Web Developing, etc. The advantage of their bucket system is you can cancel it at any time and there are no hidden charges.

 27. Longer Days

This virtual assistant company provides solutions for businesses where they help you streamline your process and add time to your day. Their business service plans are from $675 to $1275. They assure data security by storing your electronic data at Dropbox, CRM drive and Google drive, etc. 

 28. Craftyedge Solutions

They offer solutions for IT Support, Transcription services, QuickBooks services, etc. They have effective backup support, Digital data security, etc. They offer economical plans & pricing. They have various experts under one roof which enables them to provide solution to all your tasks under a single umbrella which can save your time and energy. They also have effective backup support to save all your works.

29. Task Virual

They are capable of handling myriad ranges of activities from clerical to specialization. They are well equipped to deliver the task at a fast pace. They provide solutions for Advertising, Consultancy, Web development, Online Research, Classified postings and more. This Virtual Assistant Company has business assistant plans ranging from $60 to $899 where they provide an advantage to downgrade your plan. 

30. MyOutdesk 


This is one of the trusted and good provider of virtual assistant in the real estate industry. They help to build the business and increase your revenues. They offer a variety of services such as Bookkeeping, Transaction Coordination, Short sale processing, Marketing listings, etc. They curate the application for employment and select the better one and further train them to ensure that they will perform up to the industry standards. They assure commitment to a higher standard of excellence with ethical and professional conduct. 

Conclusion – the top virtual assistant companies

With so many virtual assistants in the market, I would go with the one which is ranked #1 on a reputed third-party reviewing site such as or TimeDoctor. The ranked #1 virtual company is WoodBows. Please feel free to schedule a call with WoodBows by clicking here to find out yourself if it is true.

Stop doing all by yourself. Save time and money by hiring our 10+ years experienced virtual professionals!