Why WoodBows?

Why WoodBows?

We have one of the highest clients’ retention rate in the virtual assistant niche, that is, 98.4%. In other words, 98.4% of our clients stick to WoodBows for their business needs when it comes to virtual assistance.

We also have a 99.7% client repetition rate, which means, 99.7% of our clients keep coming back to us when they want a dedicated virtual assistant. And we were featured on BloggerLocal USA for that matter.

Clutch.co, a reputed review company in the US, has reviewed more than 300 companies in the virtual assistance niche in the world and selected WoodBows as best of all and gave us the first rank among all the 300 companies.

TimeDoctor evaluated all the virtual assistant companies in the United States. They chose WoodBows as one of the top three best virtual assistant providing companies.

Our reason for existence:

Our main goal is to free up as much time as possible for the business owners, entrepreneurs and executives so they can concentrate on their business growth and have a work-life balance.

Direction of the company:

There are more than 10 million active business owners, entrepreneurs, and executives in the US, Canada, UK and Australia. Almost 99% of them are struggling to find leads and overwhelmed with day-to-day tasks to such point that they find it hard to allocate time for selling. We want to help at least 1% of these professionals take off their burden.

What we sell and why we sell it:

In a nutshell, we are selling “time”, business growth and peace of mind for business owners, entrepreneurs, and executives. They certainly need help with business operations, accounting, admin tasks, customer support, calendar management, digital marketing, online lead generation, ad posting, calendar management, appointment setup, following up with the leads, website maintenance, social media management, transaction and listing coordination, and CRM management.

Usually, they have to train the employee to do all the above. Besides, they have to pay anywhere between $3000 to $4000 including all the benefits of employing someone which will cut a huge portion off of their profit margin.

The beauty is, there is no need for someone to be physically present there to do all the above. They can hire someone on freelancing sites. However, they have to sift through the applications themselves. There is no guarantee that the hired freelancer is experienced. They have to constantly monitor and manage the freelancer to make sure he is working on their projects for what they are paying for. It became a hassle.

That’s when WoodBows comes to the rescue. We have already trained our virtual assistants to do all the tasks a business owner needs such as web design, admin tasks, digital marketing, accounting, customer support, cold calling, following up with clients and so on. We also manage them and give you the tools too in case you want to peek into it. We will also give you a daily status report.

Our aim is to make you feel like you have an in-house employee just a click away. We guarantee that our virtual assistant will always be available on the phone during working hours and they will work in your preferred time zone.

What markets to pursue and where we are positioned in those markets?

We want to serve small, medium business owners, entrepreneurs, and executives. And, we have a unique spot in the niche with 1000+ clients served and still serving so far thanks to our reputations and high clients’ retention rate.

Our competitive landscape and how we stack up against our competition and why we are better?

With so many independent review sites citing us as one of the best virtual assistants, we have been growing considerably through helping our clients improve their businesses and work-life balance.

Our competitive offerings:

24/7 Client Support

10+ years experienced virtual professionals

1000+ clients served

We employ only the top talents

They can hire our employee in a day

We manage your virtual assistant for our clients

Our virtual professionals work from our well-supervised offices

No need to hire separate talents for website maintenance, social media maintenance, online marketing, lead generation, cold calling, personal assistants for clients follow up, CRM management as your hired virtual assistant will all of them.

Why our pricing model is appropriate?

To get all the above skills in-house, you may need at least one digital marketer, web designer, personal assistant and cold calling agent. With benefits, the expense may very well reach beyond $10000/month. However, our rate starts at just $49/week.

No payroll, no tax complications, no benefits, no paid holidays and no headache. 

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“As per the recent record, WoodBows has set a record in helping companies saving money up to $75000 per year through their VA services."
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“WoodBows has become the most popular Virtual Employees provider company in the USA and UK"
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“WoodBows is helping businesses in the US and UK improving their sales by 200% within 3 months."

A Simple 4-Step Process

The whole process takes less than an hour

Step 1

Request a free consultation and explain your requirement


Step 2

Decide on your subscription plan

Step 3

Sign up on our website

Step 4

Within 24 hours, you will receive a call from your dedicated VA to assist you further