Hiring virtual assistants: A simple guide to save 70% of business expenses

Written By Michael

On April 9, 2020

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Stop doing all by yourself. Save time and money by hiring our 10+ years experienced virtual professionals!

hiring virtual assistants

Are you tired of spending a lot of money on your business? Would you like to save 70 percent of your business expenses? In this article, I will show you how to save 70% of business expenses by hiring virtual assistants.

Really! Today Virtual Assistant Companies are the backbone of any big business that is happening in the world. Do you know big companies like Google, Apple have adapted to this modern business boon known as Virtual Assistant Companies a long time back? This new trend has changed the entire business structure and has revived the business all over the world.

What is Virtual Assistant Company?

Virtual Assistant Company is an outsource company that can work for your business. Whatever work that requires computers and the internet they can do it for you right from their workplace.

Many companies have started outsourcing their work to virtual assistants to save the money as it can save you nearly 70% of your business expenses isn’t that amazing? Wouldn’t you like to save a big chunk of money in your business? It will surprise you to hear about the different types of industries that have embraced Virtual Assistant Company Viz. Real estate, Law firms, IT firms, Accounting, Media, Hospitals, etc.

The best business solution to save your money and increase your productivity is to adopt to Virtual Assistance. There are a lot of benefits that come with it. Today we are going to see them. First, let me list them out and then I will explain them to you.

Benefits of Hiring Virtual Assistants

  1. No Recruitment
  2. No office spaces
  3. No Training
  4. No more part-timers
  5. No insurance, sick leave, vacation leaves
  6. No probation periods
  7. You will not be sued
  8. No Management cost
  9. Free Manager
  10. Save your money on holidays
  11. No more delays
  12. 24/7 Availability
  13. Free Data Protection


1. No Recruitment

virtual assistants

Whenever you want someone to work for you, the first thing that you would do is to hire a person, that is where everything gets started. You post the vacancy in the newspaper, online websites or even ask your friends to refer you employees capable of doing the necessary job.

But do you get the right employee there? In most of the case “No!” After that, you fix someday and postpone your daily task to select the candidate. Further to this, you know how much you struggle to get it all to work for you.

But this is not the same with hiring virtual assistants, you simply contact the company and once you sign the deal you will have a virtual employee ready who will be there to work for you. In this way, you save your time, money and energy where you don’t go through all the process but you directly get to meet the person who will be waiting to work for you. Isn’t that a relief to you?


2. No Office spaces

Generally, any office setup needs space, desk, computer, and other things. But as you prefer for a Virtual Assistant you don’t need to spend on any of them.

Your Virtual Assistant Company will take care of all those things. All the gadgets will be provided by the company you need not break your head on it. If your work needs webcam, software, accessories, etc all of them are provided by your Virtual Assistant Companies and you will not be paying even a penny for any of it.


3. No Training needed if you are hiring virtual assistants

As we all know if hiring is successfully done there is the next step known as training your new employee. You can’t make him or her to directly start the process. Though he or she may have a good qualification that doesn’t mean that they are all ready to work for you.

You got to train them and equip them with the needful resources and if the task seems to be big, then maybe you got to hire a trainer for training your new employees which is unnecessary if you would hire a Virtual Assistant. As the Virtual Assistant would be already trained by the company by the industry professionals.

All you would need to do is simply hire a virtual assistant by interviewing his experience.


4. No more part-timers

hire an employee

Based on your budget and the pace of the project, you may be hiring a part-time employee all these days. But in the case of Virtual Assistant, you need not hire an employee who will work for you at a particular time. As in the case of Virtual Assistants you can hire them as per your need.

If you need someone to work for one time, part-time or just for 3 months. Whatever it may be there is always a way for you in the virtual assistant companies.


5. No Insurance, sick leave, vacation leave

With the labor policies that we have here in the USA, we are subject to take care of the employees’ insurance, pay for his sick leaves and vacation leaves which is not unfair.

But still, a new startup finds it hard to manage such things and not only that even big companies find it challenging when their employees take if for granted. But in the case of Virtual Assistant Companies, you will never be accountable for all these things, you will only be paying for your employee who will work for hours or project.

You will never be asked to bare all those benefits of the employee. Don’t you think that will be a great advantage saving you a lot on your budget?

This advantage seems to attract many entrepreneurs towards Virtual Assistant Companies. This puts a big difference between Virtual Assistants and your employees.


6. No Probation periods

Yes, there will be no probation period where you need to test the skills of your Virtual Assistant where if in case you feel that he has the potential to match up your expectations.

In such a case, you can approach the Virtual Assistant Provider and ask them for the replacement of employees which will happen immediately without you paying any additional charges and wasting your time.

Whereas in the case of your employee you may have to think twice after recruiting. In attempting so you will have to spend again to train and equip or else you will have to adjust working with an employee and spending your time checking his work.


7. You will not be sued

hiring remote employees

There are zero risks on your side. As we are hearing many legal sue done by an employee on the companies. You can rest that you will not have that constrain concerning the Virtual Assistant.

Since you are in no way related to the Virtual Assistant. If he even attempts to it will fall between him and his company since there will be no legal contract between you and the employee. This is again another advantage on your side which prevents you from snare in the business.


8. No Management Cost

Usually, a company that has its employees need to pay on the tea, coffee, water, snacks, etc. though it doesn’t like the employee. I’m just kidding.

And as a company, you will also have to spend on the office-related stuff like stationery items.

There are also other things need to be considered like phone bills, electricity bills, and other cleaning supplies. Again, Virtual Assistant Companies will not ask you to pay the coffee, tea or anything that needs to be spent on the employee neither for the management of the company.


9. Free Manager

Yes, all your works will have a manager who oversees it as the Virtual Assistant Company will have someone to check the work before it will be delivered.

So, you have an additional benefit where your output will be verified by someone for you. In this way, you can relieve yourself from the additional stress of looking into each detail of the work. But anyhow you got to choose the best company for accurate output. Since there are hundreds of companies in the industry. All of them are not the best.


10. Save your money on holidays

Well if you are hiring a full-time employee, he may not be working for you on weekends and holidays. You know something you will not be paying them for their weekends and holidays. So by this, you easily save 8 days of wages every month. Isn’t that amazing? But that is not the case with a full-time employee, you got to pay him for every day right?

Especially during the Christmas holidays, you need not pay them. But if you still want some important work to be done, they are there to work for you. As Virtual Assistant Companies have their branches from other countries, they will be easily able to provide you a virtual assistant.


11. No more delays

Outsource work

If your employee goes on medical leave there will always be a vacuum that needs to be filled especially if he or she was playing a key role in the company. You need not panic at such a situation whereas at Virtual assistant companies there will always be a backup assistant who will be allotted in case of such leaves.

And as the company will be working under a hierarchical structure, there will be someone else to do the needful for you.


12. 24/7 Availability

You cannot call and expect your employees to come in the middle of the night to the office and work on your project. Isn’t it? But that is not the case with Virtual Assistant Companies, some companies will be working 24/7 so, in case of emergency, you can contact them and ask for the solution. Isn’t that amazing?

You can’t expect the same from your full-time employee. So, even if your project demands 24/7 monitoring that is possible. But you have to keep one thing in mind that not all the companies have this 24/7 availability. So be wise when you choose your virtual assistant company.


13. Free Data Protection

virtual assistants

This is something very important where in this modern world we got to have a check with the data security? But coming to Virtual Assistant Companies they have their firewall and highly dedicated server with a firewall which even prevents your Virtual Assistant to access the data beyond the limit set by the company.

You know if you would like to set up such a data protection system you will have to spend thousands of dollars every year. But that is not the same in this case. You spend nothing on such things but you inherit the benefit of the Data Protection.


14. Save Time

As a business person, you will be knowing for sure that your time is something valuable than your money.

You can save a lot of time and also money as you cleave to the Virtual Assistant Industry. As you select the right one for you there are chances that you can cut down 70% of the money that you were spending all these years.


15. No Stress

Day by day business people around the world are stressed out to be clear they are burned out because of handling all the stress all alone. Instead of collaborating with Virtual Assistant Companies or delegating the task to the appropriate people, they fall victim to stress.

Are you thinking about how will this save my money? I would like to point you to a quote written by a Legend that says “Hospital bills are costlier than any bills”.



As the competition within the business grows day by day, we cannot expect to produce outstanding output with yesterday’s idea. Whenever the business across the globe seems to sink, there will be some new wave that will save the people from the destruction.

Now it seems to be Virtual Assistant Companies who will be able to save from all the collapse that seems to be happening around us.

If you are someone who understands the dynamics of delegation you would be hiring virtual assistants by now.

You can’t afford to spend all your time and money on concentrating things which can be handled by someone. Maybe you can concentrate on the core things of your business and keep yourself from the least things saving your time and spending them on your families.

Stop doing all by yourself. Save time and money by hiring our 10+ years experienced virtual professionals!